diode manufacturing

About Knox Semiconductor

Knox Semiconductor (defunct) manufactured many obsolete or hard to find varactor diode replacements in DO-7 glass, TO-92, SOT-23 and other package styles and configurations.

The Company was established as a wafer foundry, supplying grown junction silicon wafers to several customers for use in the manufacture of transient suppression devices and varactor diodes. In 1977, Knox introduced its first discrete devices in the form of Zener diode chips and soon developed axial glass package device capability. Their early experience supplying quality products for high reliability commercial/industrial applications enabled a natural transition into the U.S. Military market. This transition resulted in the qualification of the Knox facility and QPL certification by the Defense Electronics Supply Center during the early 1980s. They maintained primary status as a military supplier through the 1980s and early 1990s.

What This Site Is About

Knox Semiconductor manufactured quality diodes and we want to ensure the legacy continues by providing viewers of this site with quality articles about the latest technologies in the Semiconductor industry such as component specifications, semiconductor test equipment, automated test equipment manufactured by Electron Test Equipment, a company from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, that provides reliability testing for laser diodes and photodiodes for MTBF and FIT.